july, 2020

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Event Details

For switch – basic level to curious advanced people

Looking for a place for your summer holidays? What about Brussels? A mild temperature, many parks and forests surrounding a beautiful city, waffels and fries, and many activities including…. 5 days of Kinbaku practice!

I invite you to discover my style of doing ropes from the basics. Every day from 1pm to 7pm, we will build from floor work to side suspension, exploring how I tie people but not only.

In a workshop format closer to dance than classical Kinbaku, we will include some body maintenance (Stretching, warm up, contact improvisation exercises) and some massage. Attended will also be welcome to switch and meet other people. For people not comfortable with this last point, you are perfectly welcome to only work with the partner you came with.

I will myself not have a dedicated model. And I will therefore rely on people attending and willing to help me present the exercises.

What are we going to do in rope ?

  • Manipulating the body with one rope
  • Controling the body with one rope
  • Creating a scene, a play
  • Developing bottoming knowledge and experience as well as topping one
  • Studying some basic pattern : Gote, Mae, Gyaku ashi, Hishi, enzo…
  • Creative semi suspension
  • Studying the Yoko-Tsuri (side suspension) in many of its forms
  • Group exercises
  • Moving in the space.
  • But also they will be some reminders of security.

We do not aim at a bootcamp rhythm/philosophy. We aim at sharing time to explore the exercises I will offer you.

Usual rules of our workshops apply here, with the noted exception that partial nudity will be possible during all exercises (brief/panty/boxer on).


  • Maximum amount of participants : 20 peoples
  • One ticket is for one person
  • Workshop will be mainly in English (French explanation possible)  


  • Roomy or tight clothes, to ease moves and sensations (at least shorts and tank top), barefoot (or with non sliding socks)
  • Ropes for Shibari/Kinbaku, hemp or jute, soft, supple and strong. We will prefer 7 or 8 metre lengths (4 needed to start) and one 5 metre rope.
  • 5 carabiners will be necessary (20kN, round)
  • Ropes will be lent to those not having their own.
  • A space will be available to let your shoes and clothes .


  • No pictures to be taken during the tuition
  • Forbidden to anyone under 18yo
  • Any participant admits being aware of the conditions, liabilities and General Conitions of Sales and accepting them

Ticket Section Title

Level 2 - From Basic to suspension

For one person

Tickets are not available for sale any more for this event!


july 7 (Tuesday) - 11 (Saturday)


Yoroï Dojo 2.0

28 quai du commerce


Yoroï Nicolasnicolas@yoroinicolas.art

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