march, 2020

08mar1:00 pm6:00 pmSold Out!Floor and semi suspension with Haag and Denise.1:00 pm - 6:00 pm 28 quai du commerceType:Floor&Semi-Suspension,Workshop



Event Details

Workshop Content and Goal
This workshop focuses on the improvement of rope flow and application, and a better understanding of our movement, balance and structure building. Though we will give examples of patterns during the workshop, the focus is not to teach the attendees new ones, but to improve their overall tying skills in order to apply them to the patterns already known and to give insights on how to use existing patterns to create new ones on the spot. We will discuss risk awareness and risk assessment and share insights on communication and negotiation. Expect a high density of information, time to practice (and possibly switch), a lot of personal feedback and room for many questions and requests.

This is a multi-level workshop which means that people with different skill levels can attend and the content provides insights and exercises suited for all.

For Whom?
The workshop is intended for people already familiar with rope and will offer insights for many levels of tying. Below is a list of basic requirements we expect you to fulfill, but if your skill level is higher, you will still gain a lot from attending this workshop. We will allow and facilitate switching by doing many of the exercises twice. If you prefer not to switch you can use this time to have additional time to practice and receive additional personal feedback. The workshop provides insight for both riggers and models and aims to improve the skill and experience for both.

Presenter Bio’s
Haag and Denise are a Rotterdam based couple who host weekly jams and various social and educational events at the Ellipsis Rope Studio in Rotterdam.

Haag  has been teaching rope for several years now and has hosted a large number of international presenters who have influenced his style of tying immensely. Haag is a self-proclaimed rope nerd with a focus on safety, knowledge/experience-based improvisation, high paced tying, dynamic movement, and creativity. He has a very technical approach to rope which is complemented by his dance background, psychology studies and various hobbies that incorporate fine motor skills.

Denise has been tying with Haag for the last 18 months. She has an extensive background in gymnastics and two years of teaching experience in this field which she now applies in the rope scene. She also likes to share her insights regarding in-scene communication, balance, pain management, and muscle engagement.


  • (Skill) requirements for (r)iggers and (m)odels:
  • Ability to communicate limits and wishes to your partner (r/m).
  • Being comfortable with tying/being tied closely by/with their partner (r/m).
  • Some experience with tying/being tied in various structures that cover the upper and lower body (r/m).
  • Correct execution of a non-collapsing single column tie (r).
  • Understand and able to communicate in basic English. This workshop will be presented in English.

Note: Since this workshop will facilitate multiple levels but not absolute beginners. We will allow partial suspension and incorporate some content regarding the use of hardpoints. If you do not have any experience with uplines, we suggest that you do pay attention to the provided information, but focus on improving skills you already have instead of being distracted by learning risky new techniques. Please note that suspension is a privilege and not a right and we will let you know if we are not comfortable with you applying certain techniques.

Equipment requirements

  • Four to eight lengths (depending on your current skill level) of natural fiber rope
  • Comfortable clothes for tying
  • (optional) Something to take notes (NO photography and recording)
  • (optional) Some snacks/ water bottle to stay energized and hydrated (Filter water and herbal tea will avalaible) 

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For one person

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(Sunday) 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Yoroï Dojo 2.0

28 quai du commerce