july, 2020

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Showing you the Ropes, mine.

If you show someone the ropes, you show them how to do a particular job or task. In this workshop, Andres Ropes will show you the meaning behind his style and how he uses his ropes. His style is mainly characterized by great dynamism, artistic expressiveness, and cleanliness of the technique. But he also likes to play rough during his intimate sessions, and predicament ties are an important part of the game.

day 1

  • Tk – My way – the way I do it and why, explained step by step and with some exercises in suspension
  • Introducing some predicaments – Let’s play with some shapes challenging our partners

day 2

  • Strappado – My way again – How I build the structure and how I adapt to my partner’s needs. Then exercises to use the tie in suspension
  • second part about predicament – More shapes, more pain, more fun

This is not a basic workshop and participants should be confident tying tk, tk frictions, and placements. They also should know how to tie secure suspension lines. Models must know the difference between blood compression and nerve impingement and how to handle their body during suspension.

Andrea and Chiara are play partners since about 3 years.

Chiara Fenice starts with and out of curiosity to approach the Shibari 6 years ago, then discovering a real passion. She began her journey attending the Italian scene, participating in courses, meetings and workshops, lending herself as a model and becoming increasingly aware of her role in ropes. Since 3 years she is collaborating with Andrea Ropes during his workshops around the world.

Andrea Ropes is a performer and an international shibari teacher.
Born in Modena, Italy, he began his journey on the ropes in 2006, stumbling over a photo and remaining fascinated immediately.
Subsequently, he began his studies of this art form learning various techniques and styles that characterize it, initially as a self-taught, later to class with great masters such as Kanna Nawashi (who he considers his main teacher and inspiration) Haruki Yukimura Hajime Kinoko, Bob Ropemarks, Otonawa, Bingo Shigonawa, etc.

At the beginning of 2015, with 9 years of experience, he decided to pursue a professional career, traveling and bringing his work as an educator and showman around Italy and Europe. His style is mainly characterized by great dynamism, artistic expressiveness, and cleanliness of the technique. As an educator, he stands out for his adaptability to the needs of the learners he has before him and for the meticulous care of the technique, especially regarding the tensions. Of great importance are his studies and his continuous research on communication through the ropes, an essential principle of this discipline.


  • 1pm to 7pm everyday
  • What to bring ? Your set of ropes, safety material, carabiners and all the things will fit in a furoshiki that could be good to torture your partner during a session.

Important Notices (Killjoy Mode On)

  • Level : Capability to do suspensions for both Rigger and Model
  • Forbidden to anyone under 18yo
  • No Genital visible during the workshop (Topless Okay)
  • Any participant admits being aware of the conditions, liabilities and General Conitions of Sales and accepting them

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Workshop with Andrea Ropes

For a couple

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july 18 (Saturday) - 19 (Sunday)


Yoroï Dojo 2.0

28 quai du commerce


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