Dancing With Ropes

«  Dance is the art to move the human body made of a sequence of ordered movements, often following the tempo of music. » – wikipedia

Kinbaku is the Japanese art to tie up and present a body and emotions with ropes. Often, the way to do it is as important as the final result itself. Personally, I have especially studied the movement it implies, and I have introduced in my practice a lot of material coming for Thaï Massage and Aïkido.

I would like to develop a field of the YoroïRyu drawing far away from Kinbaku, and coming far closer to dance. This activity aims at working a different approach of the « power » dynamic at stake in a rope relationship. A different approach of body dialogue. And we will more specifically work on these points :

  • Tension and bodyweight exchange
  • Constant ongoing negociation around those two points : who is leading the movement ?
  • A centre-to-centre work and the use of body-angles to transform any physical confrontation in spirals, either expanding and compressing

The goal of the workshop is as much to share my research tool as to search together. I can adapt to many situtations, with or without suspension points, with or without props in the space, as a pair or with more partners.

Many exercises I offer are adaptations and personal research deriving from my practices of Aïkido, Contact-Improvisation, Thaï Massage and SystemA.

Finally, the true goal is to celebrate life through a subtile combination of movement and restraint!

Security rules will be reminded for people beginning with ropes. And we will even show you a basic knot!

Required material :

  • One rope for kinbaku (6-8 m // 5-6mm // Hemp-Lin-Jute // as soft as possible) by person
  • A piece of fabric to blind your eyes should be needed
  • An outfit for dance research; comfy and giving all needed freedom to the body angles

Other requirements :

  • Wanting to practice with many different people
  • Wanting to work you body awareness, and actually doing it
  • Having a medical certificate granting the authorization to practive physical activities linked to dance, martial arts or circus
  • Self-repescting and intending to respect other participants as well