Introduction at Yoroï – Ryu for trained person

Introduction at Yoroï – Ryu for trained person

This course is designed for people who have a minimum experience and want to learn my style.

My style is based on body tension and body management, more than heavy patterns. A number of choice and postulate are really different. This course has been designed to give you the key pattern to understand my logic//approach//security.

We will introduce the work around Enzo and Gyaku Ashi, and depending of the group and the time, maybe my interpretation of ArisueGo no Yokotsuri.

Inside this exercises, will be mainly introduced the concepts of :

  • Posture // Breathing
  • Body management
  • Rope and body tension
  • Distance and rhythm

It’s about a way to do it, rather than achieving some patterns. The aim will always be the way to do it and understand the functionality : not to achieve it!

Also, exercises are thought for models and riggers development. In my style, there is a lot of advices and knowledge the model can learn to offer more possibilities to the session.

It’s necessary to be able to do; a single column tied, a stable 2 ropes Gote, and to have the will to improve body awareness (for model AND rigger).

Requirements :

  • Will to work on body consciousness
  • Good communication level
  • Few kinbaku ropes (minimum 5)
  • Blindfold – or a piece of all-purpose fabric
  • Few round-ed carabiners

Rules :

  • Being 18+
  • To be medically able to do physical activities like; dance, martial art, yoga…
  • No picture, video, nor sound recording. Be present : in the present.
  • No topless, no bottomless : for all participants//genders.

Also please check The Dojo Rules and Commun Behavior and Yoroï Nicolas Study Page (Artist Site) and don’t hesitate to ask us if a rule is unclear to you!