One Rope Play.

One Rope Play.

One rope is enough. One rope to design, challenge, communicate, and play with your partner.

Coming back to this essential is the goal of this Workshop. Two people, one rope – creating a situation, play, and maybe even a dance.

For years, I have explained my basics and my concepts using one rope. As a result, I have created a lot of different exercises, movements, and patterns. I have also done a lot of sessions with only one rope.

This has lead me to have a very homogenous technic based mainly on tension, body/mind management, and efficiency.

In this workshop we are going to pay attention to rope handling and tension. By reducing the rope complexity we are going to go deeper into body management and increase our possibilities. Rather than controlling somebody else, we are going to lead a person through the rope to intense sensations!

Depending of the group and the feeling, sometimes, we are going to show and study some application “Kinbaku like” adding one or two ropes.

For this workshop, knowing a basic single column tie is required as well as some notion of security and rope handling. two ropes per person (so four ropes per couple – 7/8 meter each) and one short rope for finishing off creations.

This workshop is also a good introduction to minimalist, organic while in movement tying. So it’s good introduction to my style for people who want to explore my way of doing rope.

As usual, the workshop content will depend of the group level and dynamic. The content and exercise will always change not the concept !

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