Organic : Tied up like a Bonsai Master !

© Photo Credit : Faustine, by Yoroï Nicolas – Brussels 2016

Organic kinbaku : Tied up like a Bonsai Master !

Or an Ikebana expert.

Life, humans and nature are not square. Why should rope art be?

This workshop will be based on static bondage. More specifically, we are going to work very internally, in subtle motion. The point will be to develop a very organic style of  bondage, to transform the body to a nearly plant-like state; surviving and evolving through a restrictive environment.

Visually, we will work around dividing rules that you can find in Ikebana and Bonsai art. By mimicking the shape of nature, or drawing inspiration for contortions, we can create unbalanced designs and breathing challenges for the person inside the ropes.

Internally, for both the tying person and their partner, it will be about making and taking space. It is one of the best workshops I offer to work around listening, calmness, and body manipulation/awareness.

Life is about a spiral, and spiral will be one of our main tools. You can find them anywhere; from the galaxy to our DNA, but also inside our ropes! Riggers are going to put this motion and feeling inside themselves to offer it to their partner through rope.

Posture and position will also be studied through the concept of MA. This workshop leads to a thoughtful and contemplative way of tying and being tied.

Finally, it serves as a wonderful continuity to the One Rope‘s workshop.

Some Creation

Requirements :

  • Will to work on body consciousness
  • Good communication level
  • A lot of Kinbaku ropes(10 minimuns) and Being ready to cut them
  • Blindfold – or a piece of all-purpose fabric
  • Few round-ed carabiners

Rules :

  • Intermediate to advance – But no Suspension Workshop
  • To know my style (In depth understanding With Gyaku Ashi, Enzo, and all the work of Single rope handling) – If you come from another Style please do an introduction to the style First !
  • Being 18+
  • To be medically able to do physical activities like; dance, martial art, yoga…
  • No video, nor sound recording. Be present : in the present.
  • But Picture of your home Creation are Welcome ! (Specific rules will be given at each exercise)
  • Nudity for the Model will be allow (But not a mandatory)

It’s a Hight Risk Workshop, especially from nerve perspective.