november, 2022

tue01nov19h00tue22h00Basic Pattern and Half suspension19h00 - 22h00 Place:Belgium,Brusselstype:Partern&Semi-Supension,Tuition

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© Photo Credit : Naomi, by A-Nicolas – from Tokyo Decadence, Japan, 2009.

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After the first tuition, what to do? How to develop, study and increase your understanding ?

So you did the workshop “One Week-End to Start”  and enjoyed it? You would like to continue to develop with us? This tuition is designed for you!

Each month, we are going to work around a different specific pattern : how to build it and how to use it. The point is to be able to reproduce it, but also to understand the logic and the philosophy behind – obviously to reuse that for other creative plays. The final goal will be to develop, within each one of us, a very personal relationship to rope, based on a solid concept.

Tuition Program type :

  • Body wake up
  • One rope work (specifically based on Enzo and Gyaku Ashi)
  • Pattern presentation // explanation (How to do it)
  • Creative exercises using the pattern
  • In depth with pattern (Philosophy, Breaking Down, Simplification or Adding New Fonctionnalities)
  • Back to calm // Debrief

During the tuition I will share my knowledge, skills and experience for both sides; rigger (Tori) and model (Uke)!

Specific Requirements // Info

  • I will present this tuition alone, so I will need volunteer(s) for the demonstration !
  • Beginner – Intermediate level.
  • the Class “One Week-End to Start” is required before attending.

How the study is organized ?

On the global point of view : First, we wake up the body, then we add rope to wake up the rope-body contact, and then we jump into the main part of the study. I try to finish with a creative exercise which summarize the tuition. And, of course, there is time for breaks. There is also time in the beginning and at the end of the course to socialize.

On each exercises/propositions : Mainly, the educator shows an exercise and comment on important points. The student tries to reproduce it after. Questions are welcome between the demonstration and the practice and you can ask for help through the practice, both for security as for technical point/inspiration/validation.

On a long term : If you are local, please start by “One day to start”.  If you feel you have a lot of experience, private tuition might work. After, the weekly Group Tuition is the best to steadily improve. Two years and a very committed practice are the minimal pre-requisites to attend Season/Research and master class Workshops.

Fast and flashy results are not what we are looking for. Commitment and deep research are our goal.



(Tuesday) 19h00 - 22h00

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