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One of the classic and rewarding phases of rope art is suspension. In my style and our dojo we support the study first on the floor work then in semi-suspension. On these basis, the suspension offers a new dimension on the technical level, as well as for creation purpose and mental state.

Goal :

This course, followed in full, aims to allow you to integrate all the basic suspensions of the Yoroi Style. As always the goal is both to continue to explore rope art together and to allow you to gain a solid basis for your own style.

The tuition will be for tying people as well as those who are in the ropes.

Sequence :

This year each class will be divided in three phases:

  • Reminder and validation of the basic technique of the previous class,
  • Presentation and trying of the new form,
  • Transition work (to or from another form previously studied) or transformation (creative work/play/…)

There will therefore be three suspensions per tuition. Of course, depending on the group and its evolution, many adjustments will be possible and any pair will be able to benefit from adaptations within the limit of my time.

Annual Program:

  • October: Yoko-Tsuri 1 // Side suspension (base) // With Carabiner 
  • November: Yoko-Tsuri 2 // Side suspension (Exploration) // with Carabiner
  • December: Ryo-Ashi-Tsuri // Form where the two legs are attached together // Work on One and Two points (Carabiner and bamboo possible in the study).
  • January: Futomomo-Tsuri // Form on compact folded leg // Work on One and Two points (Carabiner and bamboo possible in the study).
  • February: Ashi-Kubi-Tsuri // Suspension on the ankle // Work on Carabiner
  • March: Gyaku-Ebi-tsuri // Face down suspension also called inverted shrimp // Work on Carabiner
  • April: Agura-Tsuri // seated cross-legged position // Carabiner work
  • May: Gyaku Ashi-tsuri // from floor form to suspension // And transformation work.
  • June: Yoroi Style Transition // Move from one form to another in a fluid and assured way.


  • Please ask me for permission to join this course
  • Having a good understanding of my patterns and basics is essential.
  • To be able to do the two-rope Gote and the two-rope Mae quickly. (Know yourself in the shape for the model, know your model in the shape for the rigger)

Ruls and Material

  • 8 pairs maximum
  • 3 hours of lessons
  • Have your equipment (8 ropes – 4 carabiners – safety tool – Tenugui)
  • No nudity or topless
  • No recording: photo // video // sound – note and drawing welcome.
  • No spectator, be in pairs.

Common rules in study !

Please check Yoroï Nicolas study information and website first, to know if you feel comfortable and compatible.

  • No topless – for all genders, unless it is clearly promoted (Season workshop and Week-end could be topless)
  • Be a Pair/Duo – of course not for the switch classes; One Week-End to Start – One week for switch
  • Have your home material – not necessary for the One Week-End to start but welcome
  • Arrived between 15 minutes before the start of the tuition and the Start(Please, not before : we need time to set up)
  • No Recording : song, photo and video ! Be present ! (Notes and drawings are accepted)
  • When the Educator asks to untie : please start right away. any delay would disturb the class and other participants.

Also, please check the dojo Rules and Commun Behavior and don’t hesitate to ask us if a rule is unclear to you!

How the study is organized ?

On the global point of view : First, we wake up the body, then we add rope to wake up the rope-body contact, and then we jump into the main part of the study. I try to finish with a creative exercise which summarize the tuition. And, of course, there is time for breaks. There is also time in the beginning and at the end of the course to socialize.

On each exercises/propositions : Mainly, the educator shows an exercise and comment on important points. The student tries to reproduce it after. Questions are welcome between the demonstration and the practice and you can ask for help through the practice, both for security as for technical point/inspiration/validation.

On a long term : If you are local, please start by “One day to start”.  If you feel you have a lot of experience, private tuition might work. After, the weekly Group Tuition is the best to steadily improve. Two years and a very committed practice are the minimal pre-requisites to attend Season/Research and master class Workshops.

Fast and flashy results are not what we are looking for. Commitment and deep research are our goal.



(Wednesday) 19h00 - 22h00

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