Movement : Dance et suspension !

Breathe, change your balance, walk, occupy the space and disappear. Do it with your partner, do it with some ropes, be an organic system : totally unpredictable, but strongly organized! Be cleverly free in ropes.

In my understanding, the main influence of Japanese culture in rope bondage art is the way to do it. The result is always very specific, built around some type of Japanese aesthetic, but how to do so is just as important.
Tea ceremony, calligraphies… All the Geïdo focus not just about the result, but how to occupy the place, and how to move regarding posture… All of that connecting control and deep breathing!

Is it the definition of dance, or is it just a specific dance?

As a rope-top, we develop skills that make us : move, divide the space, and be efficient in our actions! To me, it is definitely a meditation in motion, or a dance.

As a rope bottom we develop skills to offer : structure, a capacity of adaptation, and a listening to follow a creative process! Again, to me, it is definitely a meditation in motion, or a dance.

In this workshop, we are going to focus on common characteristics around that.

Skills required :

For both sides; rope top and bottom.

  • Will to work on body consciousness
  • Good communication level
  • One stable upper body for hard movement with hand in back (like Gote 3 ropes from Kazami ranki or Osada ryu )
  • One stable upper body for hard movement with hand in front (Mae)
  • A functional hip harness on the side (Like Arisue go Yokotsuri), a functional futomomo, a functional ankle suspension !
  • Knowing Yoroï Style and being familiar with, or doing the introduction class the day before.

Material Requirements :

  • Kinbaku ropes (minimum 8)
  • Blindfolds – or pieces of all-purpose fabric
  • Round-ed carabiners(minimum 6)
  • Safety cutting tool

Rules :

  • Intermediate to advance – Suspension level !
  • Being 18+
  • To be medically able to do physical activities like; dance, martial art, yoga…
  • No Photo/video, nor sound recording. Be present : in the present.
  • Full Nudity is forbidden but topless with panty is welcome ! (learn to work with the skin)

It’s a physically demanding workshop. A minimum of physical preparation can help you to take full advantage of the experience.

Hmmmm, why am I taking this workshop for? Where are we going, and how could it look?

Something in between those 3 moving pictures :

Credit photo featured image : 2016, Brussels model Sarura – photographie Yoroï Nicolas.