Private Class (By hour)




What’s the meaning of research if it’s not to be shared with others? Of course, visual creation, performance, and sessions are good ways to share ourselves as artists. But also, I think it’s essential to give what we have received in first place: guidance in the study of rope.

So, I’d like to invite you into my way of tying, not to make a copy of me but to help you understand the process, and to help you make your own style. As ropes are more for playing with concepts and people rather than perfectly copying some pattern.

Practice, research, and guidance will be the tools I would like to mainly offer you to study. Far away from a recipe or flattering your ego, it’s the good old, hard way of study that my students receive. I received that type of training from my owns senseis (or teachers/guides/masters/people who have started the practice before me).

The base of our study will be:

  • Body management
  • Natural movement: listening and leading
  • Rope tension
  • One rope study
  • Basic patterns
  • Basic suspension
  • Playing with concepts: axis, time, space, control, breathing, sensation, mind play….

Each class will revolve around one or two of these points. I will lead by demonstration, some explanation, and with emphasis on some specific points to work on. Each participant will received advices they should work or reflect on.

The teaching is physically organized around regular group classes, private tuition, master/research classes, and international week or weekend workshops.

The main idea is to lead you inside the practice of a discipline and an art based on rope, body exchange, power exchange… really, that which is human.


Are people fixed in their role or can they switch? Depending on the intention of the tuition, both situations are possible.

Do you think people should switch or not? Everybody should act according to there taste and will. But, for the purpose of rope study, I really advise people to change roles from time to time.

Do you teach or advise models as well? In fact, my advice0 is always for both. When I say something to people tying (Tori), in fact, the people being tied (Uke) are generally the ones who should listen first. And, the other way around.

How is tuition organized? First, we wake up the body, then we add rope to wake up the rope-body contact, and then we jump into the main part of the study. I try to finish with a creative exercise summarizing the tuition. And of course, there is time for breaks. There is also time in the beginning and the end of the course to socialize.

Can my partner or I be nude? Nope, except for very specific tuition (where the subject includes nudity). In fact, it’s forbidden to be without panties, show your genitals, or be topless.

But I am guy… can I be topless? Nope, it’s not dependent on gender. The rules apply to everybody.

But I am sexy? Are you serious!!?!

Where do you teach? Generally, in my studio or in a studio run by an association that employs me.

Can you come to our place to teach? Possibly, but I prefer not to. And if we come to an arrangement where I am willing, then I will charge you extra money for both transportation and travel time.

How much do you charge for a class? For group and international events, the price will depend on the association I am working with. Private tuition is 100 euros an hour. Generally, it’s good to book 2 hours in a row.

Can I buy 10 hours of private tuition and you give me a discount? Yes, I would do a 20% discount, but you have to take the tuition within the year.

In the event of a tragedy, can we move our tuition to another day? Yes, but just one time per tragedy.

Can I record a video or take pictures during tuition? Nope. Learn the logic, practice to train your intuition. Be present in the present.

Can I take notes? Yes, of course.

Can I just watch? Nope. Come and practice.

Can I come alone? In some workshops, yes. In others, no.

Do you do Online teaching? Nope. I share the space with you, so it’s required for me to share myself with you.

Do you have a partner for private tuition? If you would like me too, but my partner will charge you too. But generally, I do prefer to show and make you feel the sensation by practicing with you and your partner.

So then I should come with a partner to a private tuition? Yes, we practice with humans.

I am too fat, little, tall, stiff, slow… Me too! I am full of insecurities. So come and we will improve together.

As a man, can I model? As a woman, can I tie? As a col… In my place of study, we are all just students. Practice, study, and experimentation are open to all genders, religions, political views, sexualities, etc… In fact, just forget about all of that when you enter into the study: focus on your present experience.

I am interested in your way to act and play; I would like to receive guidance outside of a rope study. Is it possible? Yes, we can share a coffee or a tea. I can even propose some exercises, study, or research.

Can I start directly with suspension? Nope. In my school, people start by learning basic body and rope handling first.

I have studied with YouTube videos; can I go directly to your advance class? In fact, most likely it will take you more time to achieve the basics. If you want to really study with me, then you have to build from my basic concepts.

I would like to learn this specifically with you! Yes, no problem. You still have to learn and practice the basics first.

Can you find me a nice, young girl who will be nude for me? I am not a Pimp. Sorry not sorry. And If you really want to ask me this question, please be kind enough to not contact or visit me.

I have difficulty finding a partner; can you help me? Finding somebody, being able to speak about what we are doing, and being clear with ourselves about why and how we want to do this activity is part of the study. In fact, it’s the first step. So yes, I can help you.

Meaning, can you put me in contact with a nice girl… Go away!

If I let you play with/fuck my partner, can you show me one or two tricks? You are mistaken; I am not the person you should ask this question to.

I just need one or two tips on how to tie my partner in bed; can I come to you? Good for you; your sex life seems to be great, but you are mistaken. I am not the person you should ask this question to.

Produce Image : Isobel Williams – 2013 – A Workshop in Paris