Week-End Basic Pattern and half suspension. (Switch possible)

Week-End Basic Pattern and half suspension. (Switch possible)

You can not come on Wednesday, you like to learn in intensive moment, you like to switch, come and play ! Come and learn !

Every second month, we are going to work around specific patterns, play and concept. How to build them and how to use them. The point is to be able to reproducet hem, but also to understand the logic and the philosophy behind – obviously to reuse that for other creative plays.

Our focus will be on floor work and half-suspension.

The final goal will be to develop, within each one of us, a very personal relationship to rope, based on a solid concept.

During the tuition I will share my knowledge, skills and experience for both sides; rigger (Tori) and model (Uke)!

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Common rules in study !

Please check Yoroï Nicolas study information and website first, to know if you feel comfortable and compatible.

  • No topless – for all genders, unless it is clearly promoted (Season workshop and Week-end could be topless)
  • Be a Pair/Duo – of course not for the switch classes; One Day to Start – One week for switch
  • Have your home material – not necessary for the One day to start but welcome
  • Arrived between 15 minutes before the start of the tuition and the Start(Please, not before : we need time to set up)
  • No Recording : song, photo and video ! Be present ! (Notes and drawings are accepted)
  • When the Educator asks to untie : please start right away. any delay would disturb the class and other participants.

Also, please check the dojo Rules and Commun Behavior and don’t hesitate to ask us if a rule is unclear to you!